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Ceramic Capacitors

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Ceramic Capacitors

EPSR Series High Voltage Pulse Power

High Energy Corporation's new line of epoxy encapsulated ceramic capacitors are designed for use in HVDC power supplies, electrostatic copying machines, lightning arrestor systems, electron microscopes and many laser applications. These capacitors feature a Class I ceramic dielectric, low dissipation factor, and small case size.
HT59 Series Ceramic Capacitors

HT59 Series Ceramic Capacitors

  • 25 kVDC Working Voltage
  • 50 kVA Max Power
  • 50 to 1500 pF Capacitance
  • 2.25" Diameter x 3" Maximum Length
  • Choice of four Class I TC's
  • HT57 Series Ceramic Capacitors

    HT57 Series Ceramic Capacitors

  • 15 kVDC Working Voltage
  • 35 kVA Max Power
  • 10 to 500 pF Capacitance
  • 1.187" Diameter x 1.890" Maximum Length
  • Choice of four Class I TC's
  • HT50 & HT58 Series Ceramic Capacitors

    HT50 & HT58 Series Ceramic Capacitors

  • 7.5 kVDC Working Voltage
  • 10 kVA Max Power
  • 10 to 700 pF Capacitance
  • 0.820" Diameter x 0.890" Maximum Length
  • Choice of four Class I TC's
  • HT53, HT54 & HT55 Series Ceramic Capacitors

    HT53, HT54, HT55 Series Ceramic Capacitors

  • 5 kVDC Working Voltage
  • Choice of 3, 5 or 7 kVA Max Power
  • 1 to 40 pF Capacitance
  • Threaded Terminals or Wire Leads
  • Class I NP0 or N750 TC's
  • SPHT Ferris Wheel Ceramic Capacitors

    SPHT Ferris Wheel Ceramic Capacitors

    SPHT Series Ceramic Capacitors are Class 1 parts featuring High Voltage, Current and Power ratings and low self-inductance. A broad variety of these 'Power-Disk' capacitors are offered including the innovative and cost effective 'Ferris-Wheel' configuration. All SPHT capacitors have low dissipation factors. Their structure is both simple and robust, assuring a long trouble free life. SPHT Series feature a phenolic resin coating and a long flashover path. They are built upon a choice of eight Class I dielectrics, providing a broad range of capacitance and temperature coefficients. Uses include RF transmitter circuits, antenna couplings, and other high-power RF applications.
    SPHT 155 mm Diameter Power Disk Ceramic Capacitors

    SPHT Series Power Disk Ceramic Capacitors

  • Up to 30 kVDC Working Voltage
  • Up to 90 kVA Power Rating
  • 50 to 7000 pF Capacitance
  • 70, 100, 140 and 165 mm Diameters
  • Choice of four Class I TC's
  • PWC Water-Cooled Ceramic Capacitors

    PWC Water-Cooled Ceramic Capacitors

    PWC Series Ceramic Capacitors are large water-cooled 'pot' style components providing current capacity to 300 Amperes and maximum reactive power ratings up to 4000 kVA. These parts feature a low dissipation factor Class I dielectric combined with superior structural strength coupled with the high thermodynamic efficiency of water-cooling to allow operation at extremely high power levels and high frequency. They are ideal for operation in the tank circuit of high power RF equipment. Popular applications include induction heating, dielectric heating and high-frequency welding equipment.
    SPFT Feed Thru Ceramic Capacitors

    SPFT Feed Thru Ceramic Capacitors

    High Energy Corporation SPFT Series Feed-Thru capacitors are carefully designed, hollow ceramic tubes used to communicate power and low frequency signals between high-power RF chassis and other RF-radiating elements. These capacitors provide an elegantly simple means of bypassing massive amounts of RF energy to ground to maintain system signal integrity. They are built upon high quality Class I dielectrics, assuring a low dissipation factor and high bandwidth. SPFT feed-thru capacitors find application in RF heating, power transmitters and high voltage filters.
    EPSP Pulse Power Ceramic Capacitors

    EPSP Pulse Power Ceramic Capacitors

  • High Amplitude, Short Pulse Rated
  • Up to 50 kVDC Max Working Voltage
  • Compact & Epoxy Encapsulated
  • Low (0.5%) Dissipation Factor
  • Stable Class I Dielectric
  • EPSL Series Ceramic Capacitors

    EPSL Series Ceramic Capacitors

  • Designed For High Voltage DC-Blocking
  • High Capacitance Values in Small Size
  • Rugged & Epoxy Encapsulated
  • High-Torque Terminals Available
  • Class II X5U Dielectric
  • HH57 & HH58 Series Ceramic Capacitors

    HH57 & HH58 Series Ceramic Capacitors

  • Compact High Capacitance Parts
  • 7.5 and 15 kVDC Power Ratings
  • Broadcast Barrel Package
  • Metric or English Terminals
  • Three Class II Dielectrics